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Pro Tip for Perfectly Level Frames

pro tip for perfectly level frames - Hang EzE

Hang Frames Like A Pro!
Pro Picture Hanging Tips Below!

Ever wondered how museums and art galleries get that perfect level look? Of course, we don’t know which ones use HangEzE, but we know they all should.

Art Galleries and museums worldwide have many tricks they use to ensure every work of art is hung exactly right. They all know a tape measure can be your worst enemy when creating a level row of artwork. After hanging thousands of works of art every year, they know that tools like HangEzE can save you hours of hard labor trying to hang frames in a professional-looking way. We have taken one of their tricks and improved it to make your work hanging art easy.

There is no faster, simpler, or more accurate way to hang framed works of art. Whether you are hanging your child’s first Crayola art or their astrophysics diploma, HangEze makes it easy and takes the guesswork out of what can be a horrible task.

1. Keep the belt pushed up against the tops of the three buckles

The first trick the pros know about the HangEze is to keep the belt pushed up against the tops of the three buckles. We had to make room for the buckles to slide easily to any length you need. So, there is some play in the buckles which is easily accounted for by pushing the buckles down or the belt up against each other. The idea is to keep all three buckles the same. You can easily see whether the small gaps are aligned at the bottom of the buckles.

2. keep the belt or strap just as tight as you can.

The second trick the pros know is to keep the belt or strap just as tight as you can. We made the strap soft to the hand but strong enough that you can pull on it as hard as you want. A firm tug will ensure the strap acts like a straight edge and allows you to easily mark the wall using the sharp pins.

The HangEzE is made from durable materials designed to last a lifetime of repeated picture hanging made easy. When you are faced with hanging that special artwork in precisely the right place, use HangEzE to simplify your task.