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Easy to Use Picture Hanging Tool

Hang Pictures Faster Than Ever!

How Does This Simple Picture Hanging Tool Work?

Watch The Video Below to Find Out!

It’s As Easy As…


Place the strap on or below the holes or frame on the back of the item you wish to hang.


Place the Hang EzE on the wall where you wish to hang your item. Use the levels to make sure your item is hanging straight and push the pins into the wall to mark where your nails will go.


Place your nails and hang your item level the first time, every time. Now you are part of the Hang EzE revolution!


Thank you for your amazing product! It hangs pictures straight too 😍 I will be buying some to give as gifts for my friends. I think this is the best Christmas gift I could have been given this year!

Hang Eze Picture Hanging Tool

Now Available in 12 Colors

Hang EzE is a tool to make hanging anything on any surface, simple, quick, and easy.